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In Matthew 20:28, Jesus tells us he did not come to be served, but to serve. It is the goal of twenty:28 to serve your church in its mission of making disciples by providing you with top-tier digital solutions to help grow your ministry.

From a web design, e-giving and mobile apps, twenty:28 can help you with your church’s digital needs. Your website will be mobile responsive, meaning it will respond to any mobile device or tablet which makes it easier for the viewer to use.  All of our services are offered as bundle packages.  With our easy to use tools, you can ensure that your church’s website and communications are professional and distinctive, without the hassle of using codes or complicated design programs.

twenty:28 provides a full suite of services making it fast and easy for anyone on your staff to create, update and maintain a professional web presence for your church, which allows you to focus on your ministry. Our e-giving and kiosk solutions give your members an easy and secure way to tithe or donate at the click of a button. Mobile apps allow your members to take your church with them on the go.

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